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Building Setout Specialists

A building set-out survey involves transferring a building design onto the land itself so the builders can follow it during construction.

During the process, gridlines and/or building corners are established for residential or commercial buildings.

Extensions can be marked on-site based on design specifications.

This commonly requires a title re-establishment survey to be performed prior to commencement, so that the relationship between building and title boundaries is known.

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With 50+ years of experience, our expert team of land surveyors will ensure your building setout is accurate and your project can go ahead.

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Jake C
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Hugh Bowman
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Geelong Land Surveyors is a relatively new business established in mid 2016. The company was a result of a subsidiary company of Melbourne Land Surveyors which has been operating in Melbourne since 2006.

31 Millpond Lane

Batesford VIC 3213

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