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Understanding the value of a features and levels survey

A feature and levels survey gives an overarching view of the property and provides details that only an experienced surveyor knows to include. What is a features and levels survey?…

Things to think about when developing apartments and units

The single most important thing to achieve when developing apartments and units is a plan view of the entire project. Once you have this view, you can see problems before…

Things to consider when subdividing land

What is a subdivision? Subdividing property is a chance to split titles, sell off sections or develop the land further. It can be a profitable enterprise but it’s important to…

Solving problems with an adverse possession survey

Adverse possession is a set of laws whereby someone in possession of property they do not own may have a legal right to claim that land after a certain period…

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The importance of a title re-establishment survey

Surveys are crucial to the process of land development. The most important assessment you can have completed on your property is a title boundary survey or title re-establishment survey. Not…

Geelong Land Surveyors is a relatively new business established in mid 2016. The company was a result of a subsidiary company of Melbourne Land Surveyors which has been operating in Melbourne since 2006.

31 Millpond Lane

Batesford VIC 3213

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